Why Kaumudi?

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Why Kaumudi?


Natural Ingredients

Our ingredients come straight from the source. We are extremely careful about where we source our ingredients from to ensure they are completely organic and 100% natural. Our products offer nature-based solutions for skin problems. 


Each product is handmade with a lot of love to give you a glimpse of what we believe in. While creating our products, we only use gentle processes for ingredient extraction, such as steam distillation and cold pressing.

Cruelty Free

None of our products are ever tested on animals. Our all-natural ingredient list is strictly for humans to use as they wish. However, we do conduct strict quality checks at regular intervals. Quality testing at regular intervals.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We are an eco-conscious brand. Our entire process, from manufacturing to packaging, has always been eco-friendly. If you look at your packaging, you will see that even that is made from recycled materials. We are conscious of what and how much we take from the environment around us.

No Artificial Colors

Sustainably sourced ingredients are the benchmark of all Kaumudi products, whether it is our lip balms or facial mists. We use only natural ingredients to create our special formulations. No artificial colors, ever. 

No Artificial Fragrances

We believe in harnessing the power of nature to bring a skincare range that is good for the earth and good for you. We understand the physical and chemical properties of each of our ingredients, so there is absolutely no need for us to add any artificial fragrances.


Since we began, our aim is to bring the best of nature to you in the form of skincare that follows ancient ayurvedic principles. Only organic, sustainable ingredients from places we know and we trust.

Non Toxic

The healing powers of natural ingredients are incredible, which is why Kaumudi products are made only from natural ingredients. Our full list of ingredients is available for you to see any time, any where. 

No Preservatives

We ensure that we capture the essential properties of each of our ingredients with minimal processing. Therefore, we do not believe in using any kind of preservatives in our ayurvedic formulations. 

Paraben Free

Skin care products are meant to help the skin become healthy and glowing. The power of nature is packed in a bottle for you, and there is no space for external components in our ingredient list.

pH Balanced

Kaumudi products offer organic, natural skincare solutions that keep your skin happy and healthy. Although we follow our own special process, we ensure that each of our products has the right pH balance. There’s something for every skin type here.

Wild Harvested Herbs

We do not alter the natural goodness of our ingredients, since we prefer that our customers experience the full benefit of those ingredients. Our formulations use elements that comes straight from the earth, into your homes.