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Underarms Wellness

Underarms are a part of the body that’s considered an intertriginous zone, which means that due to the folding of the skin, it’s prone to being moist due to lack of airflow, and it can often harbour certain bacteria and fungal-yeast organisms. “Proper care and cleansing is important to reduce unwanted moisture and keep the natural balance of the microbiome,”

  • Underarms Brightening Cream | For Women and Men | For Dark Underarms, Knees, Thighs, and Elbows | Brightening & Correction
    Rated 4.94 out of 5
    4.9 out of 5

    You Save: 34.6%

    • Correct excess Pigmentation Caused by Tanning, Hormones, or Hair Removal.
    • Brightens dull and dark skin with the help of Natural Ingredients.
    • Significant Reduction in Sweat and Bad odour.
    • Reduces Dark Spots & Blemishes.
    • It leaves skin soft, refreshed, and smelling good giving you a fresh feeling throughout the day.
    • Works Effectively on Underarm, Knees, Thighs and Elbows.

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  • Underarms Detox & Brightening Mask
    Rated 4.95 out of 5
    5 out of 5

    You Save: 30%

    • The cream minimizes pigmentation in the underarms region 
    • Regular use removes impurities and dead skin from the area
    • The formulation includes peppermint essential oil, that acts as a natural deodorant
    • Reduces skin pores from getting clogged with sebum and impurities
    • Removes toxin buildup from the underarm skin
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